No Time For Romance

Haley Madison - Photographer, Filmmaker, Vintage Store Owner & All Round Babe

Shot & Styled By Cartia Mallan


Firstly, Welcome!

super random, i know.

This is my new website & blog I just decided to create a day or 2 ago....

It is going to be a little extension to my other social media platforms but one I am certainly very excited about! I constantly have ideas for shoots I want to create, writing pieces,styling, photos to go along with films I make etc... so I thought this would be the perfect platform to share a more in depth side to my creativity, myself & my influences etc...

This blog will be full of imagery, interviews, random shoots like this one, my writing, random thoughts, ummm & yeah honestly anything at all.?? 

Keep an open mind - expect the unexpected i guess ahaha.

Huge thank you to my little American Beauty Haley for inspiring me to pick up a camera and give photography a wild go. Haley is currently staying with me for a few weeks before she heads over to Bali for 5 weeks of volunteering and exploring. 

I'm a super rookie when it comes to cameras/just taking photos in general so I bought a trashy little disposable cam & used Haley's simple digital camera to take a few shots of her the other night. Before this we took a stroll down to my local op shop (thrift store) and purchased the white one piece for a smashing $5 bargain & some other random props such as the retro little toy phone, some sexy pink gloves and of course we can't forget the sparkly cowgirl hat !

While shooting I asked Haley some up close & personal questions, to get to know her check out the interview below...

& also can we just appreciate how much of a BABE this woman is!

Collage of a few of my favourite film shots taken on my crappy little disposable #35mm camera. 

Collage of a few of my favourite film shots taken on my crappy little disposable #35mm camera. 

Let me know what you guys think of the first post  & what content you would like to see on this blog. I'm happy to do anything at all! Also..if there are certain people you would like me to interview let me know.


Much love,

Cartia x

Cartia Mallan